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Offering its products to millions of customers in nearly 30 countries, Parteks continues to develop its product portfolio in accordance with market and customer demands and to expand the product range.

Corrugated Cardboard

Printed and the micro (e), at wavelengths of B and C and combinations comprising one double wall corrugated boards and sheets, and are published for sale.Ground pressure can be applied to all sheet sizes.

Tissue Paper Manufacturing

14/42 gr/m2 in the range of , 1-3 floor, 100% cellulose, tissue paper, toilet paper, paper towels, paper tissues are produced.Up to 60 packs per minute.

(1) – Large Wavy Corrugated Cardboard : The number of grooves in one metric is 104-125, the groove height is between 4.5 mm and 4.7 mm. Due to the height of the gutter, it has a thick wall, allowing it to cushion very well because it can easily crush if it carries its vertical loads very well. This breed, which is weak in surface crushing, does not give a smooth printing surface because of the high wave range. The A wave is used inside the double wave combinations. In this way the impacts on the interior product are absorbed.

(2) – Thin Wave : Number of gutters per meter is 150 – 184, gutter height is 2,1 mm-2,9 mm. corrugated The B wave, which is more resistant to surface crushing than others, has a more suitable surface for printing than others due to the low height of the grooves and low wave spacing.

(3) – Medium Wave : Number of gutters per meter is 120 – 145, gutter height is 3,5 mm. – 3,7 mm. corrugated The C type exhibits the best compression and top and bottom compression.

(4) – Microwave : Number of gutters per meter is 275 – 310, gutter height is 1,15 mm. – 1,65 mm. corrugated E wave corrugations with a fine wave; non-durable consumer goods and gift packaging.

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